Sunday, February 28, 2021

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At the beginning of this year, a team of staff from the Klaipėda County Public I. Simonaityte Library and its department, International Center for Translators and Writers, submitted a project for the Nordic Council of Ministers Cultural Mobility Program which is intended to support art residencies, to receive grant. The project application was selected by the commission and given 100% funding. The implementation period of the project, called „Artist Residencies“, will be held from 2020. September 1 until 2021 October 3d.
During the „Artist Residencies“ project, there will be accepted two professional writers and translators from other Nordic and Baltic countries. The International Center of Translators and Writers will provide them with the right conditions for focused, undisturbed and comfortable work and living. Also, meetings with other artists and representatives of the cultural field will be organized, project working group will be helping to establish contact with the art and cultural community in Neringa and Klaipėda.
This project will contribute to one of the goals of the ICTW – to increase international visibility. It is also important that the granted project allows to identify future development trends of residencies and provides an opportunity for international cooperation between artists residencies and similar organizations.

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