Maarja Pärtna


Winner of the scholarship under the project „Artist Residencies“

Duration of residence: March – April, 2023

Creation Work:

communal flat

they turned my building
upside down from cellar to attic
they turned it on its head from top to bottom
they broke down the door of my home and insisted

it was living space assigned
to them starting from now.

in rooms without an address
in a country world maps
don’t remember anymore

the footprints of strangers’ lives
on exhausted steps of staircases
the jangling of the cold latch
on the downstairs door

the faded colour of floorboards
the plywood chairs with worn-out seats
lined up against the wall

in extremely tiny rooms
in a country where an immense history
forced strangers to live in close quarters

until smoke from the stove began blowing in
the stove collapsed, the paint peeled
and no one cared in the least

how I liked to sit there
in the mornings all by myself

in my home
in my kitchen

the smell of freshly-brewed coffee
a vase with a lilac branch

or its shadow
like a memory left without a body.

Poem from the collection „Vivarium” (Vivaarium, 2019)
Translated by Jayde Will
Published in the UK by The Emma Press, 2020


Sigitas Parulskis

Sigitas Parulskis

Winner of the Writer Scholarship, Established by Neringa municipality Duration of residence: April, 2023 Creation work:

Maria Esko

Maria Esko

Winner of the scholarship under the „Artist Residencies“ project Duration of residence: March - April, 2023 Creation work, translations: • Selected stories by Annie Saumont. Aeg elada ja teisi jutte, LR 33–35/2018. Tallinn: Kultuurileht, 2018 (Nominated to Tallinn...

Tetiana Virovka

Tetiana Virovka

Winner of the scholarship funded by Lithuanian Council of Culture Duration of residence: 2023 Creation Work: Sociological research "Information requests of citizens of Ukraine in Klaipeda".    

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