We invite you to meet our resident Larysa Sydorenko


My name is Larysa Sydorenko and I am from Ukraine. I arrived to Klaipeda on the 13th of April, escaping the war in Ukraine! Before this difficult time, I lived in Mykolayiv and worked as the Head of the Center of International Partnership of the Mykolayiv Regional Universal Scientific Library. I’ve never thought that this happened and that I will live in another state and work in another library. But life is life. Today, everyone needs to be strong, so get to work. I am very thankful to my new colleagues for their help and support. 

When I arrived in Klaipeda, I got a job and also applied for a Scholarship from the Lithuanian Council of Culture, which supports Ukrainian cultural and artistic specialist who have found refuge in Lithuania. My scholarship was supported and I am very happy about this.

My life hobby is “Eyes are afraid, hands are doing”.  

Where I work: In the American Corner, which opened only on May 4. 

What I do: I help to unite the Ukrainian community (not only) around the library, organizing events for learning and improving English language skills, book presentations etc. Also I work with volunteers of the library and American Corner. 

My project. Today we live in a world of information, information warfare, fakes, manipulations, and so on. Therefore, every intelligent person should have teachers of media literacy and critical thinking. As part of the scholarship program, it is planned to hold trainings, meetings, discussions and explain to participants from Lithuania and Ukraine what media literacy is, talk about media types, news standards, rules of work in social networks, etc. 10 events have already been held in the library and schools of Klaipeda, which were attended by 166 participants. Implementing my project, I try to combine the study of English and the development of critical thinking and media literacy in the participants. 

I hope that my professional activity will be useful for the library and community of Klaipeda. We do not stop and move on. Everyone is approaching the Victory of Ukraine in their place. 

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